An Interior Saunalogue – Reading, Montreal, April 2011

Margaret Thatcher and Milk – The Salon, The Jewish Channel, April 2013

Hoarding: A Love Story – I appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show ‘Anderson Live’ to discuss my writing about hoarding, February 2012.

Trudeau’s visit to the White House – I was on CBC News Network giving my two (Canadian) cents, March 2016.


Video & Audio Links

My Loft Literary Center Motherhood & Words reading, Mom Enough podcast

Schmoozing on The Strong Woman podcast

Talking about failure on The Other F Word Podcast

A scene of my play ‘The Fighting Feminists’ (plus a talk about the piece), Goldsmiths, London

Linda Grant, Jason Solomons and I discuss Yiddish, Guardian podcast

The story of my lapsed and relapsed vegetarianism, Tablet podcast

The tale of My First Won Ton, Guardian podcast