What’s the point of struggle, strife and dysfunction if you can’t transform them into memoir? I wrote about family, illness, mature love, immature love, intercultural intimacy, mental health, insecurity, exile, forgiveness, death, and other hilarious things.

My Caesarean: Twenty-One Mothers on the C-Section Experience and After, May 2019

“Put in Velcro!” my OB suggested, gesturing at my scar. An essay about the ups and downs of my many C-sections, published in this new anthology by The Experiment.

Call it Sleepless
Tablet, 20 February 2018

I spent years blaming my daughter’s torturous insomnia on my parenting habits and my Holocaust-survivor family’s emotional legacy. Turned out, the culprit was her adenoids. Yet I had trouble accepting that the problem was pathology and not personality.

Doctors Missed My Ectopic Pregnancy — & It Nearly Killed Me
Cafe Mom, 9 August 2017

After my ectopic pregnancy, I felt insanely scared and sick and isolated — for months. If I’d known more about ectopics – which affect 2% of pregnancies and are the main reason for first-trimester mortality – I probably would have mentioned different symptoms to my doctors. I hope to break miscarriage taboos and share information. (Not my headline, of course!)

The Helicopter Shrink
Tablet, 10 May 2017

On how a therapist unexpectedly helped me appreciate my own mom.

Should I Make My Daughter Clean Her Room?
New York Times Sunday Review, 11 June 2016

Should we make our kids clean their rooms? What are the real benefits of tidying up and/or living in neat spaces? I did research.

I’ve Become My Hoarder Mother
Salon, 7 May 2016

How being a mother made me a more empathetic daughter as I finally learnt to appreciate my mom’s stuff. (With extremely misleading title.)

The Festival of Cleaning
Tablet, 20 April 2016

Passover is known as a holiday of salvation, liberation, even constipation, but to me it was always a holiday of sanitation.

Standing Up Before Settling Down
SheKnows, 23 February 2016

I didn’t want to date him, I wanted to be him. An essay on comedy, careers and bad love. (And then good love.)

Let’s Stop Talking to Our Kids
Salon, 3 February 2016

Why do we talk to our kids so much? Or really, why’s it so hard to just be silent? On how to not-talk to children.

Let it Go
Vogue, 1 February 2016

On the dangers of decluttering… We celebrate purging our domestic wares, but can we take Kondomania too far?

My Mother, a Character
Jewish Book Council, 4 January 2016

On showing my mother my manuscript for my book — about her. She handed it back to me — with notes. (Reprinted in Paper Brigade.)

Learning to Make Room for a Sibling
Washington Post, 8 January 2016

A child of a hoarder, I desperately wanted a second child. But I was afraid I didn’t have room – in my apartment, and in my heart.

Bubbe vs Bubbe
Tablet, 5 January 2016

A tale of two Bubbes. An essay about grandmotherly love, Anglo-American divides and meat.

Good, 19 May 2015

A contemplation on the ways in which we sleep (oh beloved sleep, how I miss thou) and whether the coveted nighttime 8 hours is an obsolete dream. Written, of course, in a brutally exhausted haze.

My Hoarding Anxiety
Salon, 24 November 2013

Many things about motherhood terrified me, including the ludicrous amount of stuff I was expected to buy for the bebe… It had taken me decades to build intimacy and a comfortable, calm, ‘white walled’ home, and now I needed to turn part of it into a chaotic, overstuffed nursery. Oy.

How I Finally Learned to Accept My Face
xoJane, 23 November 2013

A tale about about the debilitating anxiety I developed over my aging skin. In this story, I learn that you can’t change your countenance with creams, but possibly, with perspective. (My original title: Saving Face.)

Hoarding: A Love Story
Salon, 17 December 2011

At a holiday celebration, I found out that the man I was falling in love with was the child of a hoarder – a surprising coincidence, since I was as well. A story about home, shame, and skeletons in the closet – not to mention, everywhere else.
Watch me chat about this piece with Anderson Cooper on ‘Anderson: Living with a Hoarder.’

Tablet, 22 February 2013

Hear the tale of my lapsed and relapsed vegetarianism. (I read it on this podcast.)

My First Won Ton
The Guardian, 4 October 2013

You can listen to my story about blossoming teenage womanhood and my fall from Glatt grace. (Again, I’m reading it on a podcast.)

My Rudest Date
Nerve, 1 July 2011

After years of dating in England, adhering to strict social and romantic rules, it was only when I dropped my act that I met a crass, hairy toad – who turned out to be my prince charming.

The Bus Stop
[wherever], 12 September 2013

A reflection on the complicated process of travel-guide writing, set primarily in Cape Town. Featuring Austrian cockroaches, Parisian weight-gain, and seismic social change in South Africa.

The Day I Died
The Jerusalem Post Magazine, 12 March 2010

An essay about being a North American Jewish comedienne in England – a place where Jewish humor is not only not mainstream, but potentially lethal.

Nine Tips for Befriending a Brit
The Frisky, 30 June 2010

Some tips I gleaned from my attempt to navigate the social, romantic and professional codes of the Brits – a true Victorian minefield.

The Joy of Kvetch
Jewish Chronicle Celebrations Magazine, Autumn 2008

The only thing worse than complaining about your relatives is having nothing to complain about at all.

The Holiday of Light, Not Chiaroscuro
The Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2007

On my first Chanuka in England, I threw a party assuming that my posh cultured guests had heard of the holiday. They hadn’t.

An Interior Saunalogue
The Jewish Quarterly, Autumn 2007

My attempt to bridge the Muslim-Jewish culture gap in an East London sauna.